So here we are... January 2021 and Collection Noir is underway!

There's something a lot of you most likely didn't know: Collection Noir, besides the story of our creation, was first initiated after our founder lost her job back in March 2020. She was working as an interior designer at a top London interior design studio when this wretched pandemic suddenly became very real and she was let go. So instead of feeling defeated she decided to run headfirst into the fire and start a business (with a little help from her partner, who very soon became as passionate about the vision as her!). At the time, Collection Noir was supposed to be no more than a side hustle. A small passion project that would combine a love for luxury interiors, traditional craftsmanship, local artisans, adventure and of course nature. It started with the idea of a small collection of black and white photography and some handcrafted home accessories from various artisans around the world.

Well, the idea of a small side hustle didn't exactly unravel as planned. Before our feet could touch the ground we were neck-deep in the creation of a lifestyle brand. With a total underestimation of what it entails to launch a 'small e-commerce side hustle', the amount of work we underwent was substantial, to say the least (or we allowed our creativity to become loose as a goose and we got a little carried away!). That being said, we have had such an incredible time on this journey, and this is merely just the beginning!

So what is Collection Noir we hear you say? Collection Noir is a lifestyle brand, interior design studio, and an online gallery of fine-art photography.
Our 'lifestyle brand' represents the collection of home accessories and furniture we have curated from various artisans around the world. We specialise in unique handcrafted pieces and rare vintage finds. With a focus on the celebration of the artisans and age-old skillsets, we endeavour to spend our time sourcing from far away lands to support local communities and projects. However, we are also partial to local vintage treasures so, make sure you look out for our finds!

Collection Noir also holds wildlife at the heart of the brand. You may have seen from our gallery we are working with some incredibly talented photographers who capture the very spirit of wildlife around the world. We believe that whilst venturing out into the wilderness to experience these majestic creatures first hand may not be at the top of everyone's priority list, their future on this planet certainly is, so we have teamed up with The White Lion Foundation (you will be hearing and seeing a lot more about the phenomenal and inspiring work these guys do) to raise awareness, educate and financially support the ongoing work they do. Our aim in the near future is to donate a portion of our profits from every artwork sale to the foundation.

And lastly our design studio. With over 9 years of experience working in the prime residential and hospitality market in London, our founder is still as passionate as ever to deliver exceptional designs with a cultured influence. Her current/recent projects include private clients homes in Mayfair, Kensington, Notting Hill, Marylebone and Knightsbridge, as well as hotels such as the Intercontinental in South Korea and various large international residential developments. She currently has 4 potentially very exciting projects in the pipeline so watch this space!

So there you have it, a full intro to Collection Noir and our very first blog post!
We aim to bring you fortnightly blog posts which will consist of a variety of topics from interior design tips and styling to exclusive interviews with designers and our partners. Make sure you drop us a message if there are any topics, in particular, you would like us to touch on!

Thank you for stopping by, and welcome to the family!

Team Collection Noir x


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