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We create custom handwoven rugs for the natural home.


To have one of our rugs underfoot is to ground yourself on a natural foundation. Each rug is a unique creation, lovingly crafted and touched by many hands. The making process involves weaving together many elements. A process that starts with the ethical sourcing of local natural fibres, then on to artful design with the creative team in Cape Town, to our large wooden looms in South Africa and India, where singing weavers spin and weave the final creations by hand - using skills that have been preserved and passed down through generations.

How To Order

Our team will be on hand to guide you through the custom process of creating your perfect rug. Contact us today to begin your rug journey.



Our rugs are handwoven on large wooden looms. We have one of the largest looms in Africa, measuring 8x5m, which means we can custom-create rugs of any size and shape. We also work with a family-owned loom in India to give our customers access to the incredible natural fibre offerings and exceptional weaving talents of India.


Our weavers are the heart and soul of our rugs. They are talented artisans using traditional weaving techniques - preserving an heirloom craft while bringing contemporary creations to life. They work together, spinning, weaving and singing the rugs to life on large wooden looms.


Our African fibre rugs are made using pure karakul wool and mohair, ethically sourced from sheep and goats that graze freely under the African sun. Karakul wool is beautifully textured and naturally coated in lanolin - making it durable and organic. Mohair is a soft, silky, luxe fibre. We blend these fibres to create truly unique, textured living rugs. Our Indian rugs are made from sustainably sourced jute, pure New Zealand wool, cotton, silk and alpaca. In India we can push the creative boundaries with unique fibre blends and designs, producing some of the most inspiring rugs in our collection.



The wool needed for the rug is weighed and put into a large basket for the weaver. If colour is included the fibres are dyed. The looms are warped up with strong twine and the artisan draws the design on cotton fabric, which is placed behind the warp to act as a template. Then, line-by-line, the wool is passed back and forth through the warp and the rug begins to take shape. When complete, the rug is knotted, finished, checked and wrapped up to travel to its forever home. Depending on the size, the intricacy of the weave and fibre chosen, the rug can take 10-16 weeks to weave.



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