Collection Noir was born from a desire to unite the natural world with luxury. A passion for our planet, our people and our wildlife is what has driven us to create a brand that can satisfy our desire for a sustainable future, and honour our creative vision for designing unique and timeless spaces that celebrate traditional craftsmanship and artisans. With that in mind, we felt compelled to partner with like-minded foundations that we believe are making a difference and share our values. It is a great honour to be on this incredible journey working towards a more sustainable future. We hope that by initiating awareness around projects that are close to our heart, we can play a vital role in the future of our planet.

The White Lion Foundation (TWLF) is a UK wildlife charity with an ambitious vision for the future of global wildlife conservation, aimed at world-class high-impact projects for the protection and welfare of wild animals. The charity's work spans continents and makes a real impact, from helping to save three white lion cubs who were victims of the illegal wildlife trade, saving critically endangered rhino (including the rescue and relocation of a blind rare black rhino, named Munu), rescuing and rehabilitating injured sea turtles, to protecting and monitoring a remote population of snow leopards in the Karakoram mountains. TWLF is also developing and pioneering ground-breaking artificial intelligence systems to protect vulnerable wildlife from poachers. The White Lion Foundation is fronted by some of the leading lights in conservation and animal welfare; Adrian Gardiner, Shirley Galligan, Dr John Knight & SA based conservationist Brett Barlow. Backed by a compassionate and highly skilled team, the charity ethos is to work with integrity, kindness and dedication in their endeavours to protect wild animals.  

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