Collection Noir was born from a devotion to meaningful aesthetics and the desire to unite the natural world with luxury through local artisans and long-forgotten craftsmanship.

When Samantha Wilson founded the company amidst the vibrant city life of London in early 2020, she longed to infuse her love for cultured adventures across the globe with her passion for timeless interior design and traditional artistry. Having spent nine years working as an Interior designer at some of London's leading design studios, she had been immersed in a world where luxury was pre-defined.

She decided it was time to venture out on her own, unknowingly, this resulted in a slightly different direction than she anticipated. Having spent the majority of her adult life exploring a vast selection of some of the worlds wildest locations, she felt compelled to use the inspiration from her journeys to create a brand that represents more than a typical luxury aesthetic. Retracing her footprint back across the world, she began to realise that she was surrounded by the most extraordinary artisans and photographers. It soon became apparent that such ancient artistry was not so easily accessible back home, and so this became her mission and Collection Noir was born.

Collection Noir is bridging the gap between the natural world and luxury. Redefining the meaning and focusing on the celebration of age-old craftsmanship. By blending the calming and soulful spirit of the natural world with the elegance and sophistication of modern interiors, we are blending two worlds with one vision. With superior attention to detail and materials that are not only rich in quality but are also immersed in mystery, each piece of the collection has its own unique tale to tell.

A series of exclusive designs by Collection Noir has been developed with the same ethos to compliment the core collection and effortlessly fuse traditional customs with a modern perspective.

The vision to share a passion for travel and to celebrate quintessential artisans is one that stands side by side with the dedicated approach to support sustainability and equality. By working alongside the craftsmen and photographers, their work is respected in the form of fair pay and recognition. The aim is to further commit in the near future by supporting local communities and wildlife projects by donating a percentage of the profits from each sale.

Founders Statement

“We stand for celebrating local and traditional craftsmanship, artisans and photographers. We believe it is our duty to support the preservation of age-old skill sets in a world of mass-production. The superb craftsmanship and rich heritage of every piece in our collection encompasses a soulful story of its own. From the dense jungles of Africa to the mountains of India, we have journeyed to the most distant settings to seek the worlds hidden treasures. As we belong to a generation of modern travellers, we are bridging the gap between the natural world and refined luxury. Igniting a sense of discovery and adventure, our curated collection of original homeware and art defines the values at the very heart of our brand. We value fair pay and equality and we also believe in the power of awareness and education to make a positive difference for the people involved in the creation of our products.”

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