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Dora Almazora Good is a third-generation potter living and working in Majorca. A little over five years ago, Dora quit her job, brought a wheel, and taught herself how to throw. Her ceramics are a quest to turn earth into an object of beauty and express the balance of nature and imperfect perfection. Dora experiments with the primitive technique of black firing on a gas kiln which she and her mother converted to create various surfaces and textures. She also blends her owns chalky glazes which are often made-up of materials found in the rocks surrounding her studio. Her passion for clay has resulted in a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces that are infused with nature in their perfectly imperfect forms, textures, and captivating beauty.

"I feel that my work is a quest to express the balance of nature, of imperfect perfection, the crude and the refined, the line and the curve, the space or the lack of it. I find the whole process of transforming earth into an object of beauty, whether it be ornamental or functional, completely captivating. "



Local natural materials, and ancient techniques.

Grace (Grazia) Alzamora is part of the matriarchal trio of potters living and working in the mountain town Deià, Mallorca. Grace's journey began in 1992 when she was taught by her mother and sister whilst living on an island in the Gulf of Mexico.

Her work largely draws upon the inspiration from her travels across Europe and the Americas. In particular, her South American roots, and ancient pottery.

Grace blends her own glazes from local natural materials and mainly finishes her work by the pit-firing method. The smoke from the fire is what creates her distinctive patterns and unique textures.


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Contemporary ceramics with an ancient feel

"Clay as a material represents so much to me. Roots, ancestry, earth connection, and grounding. Pottery is something small and manageable that connects to that idea of home. I approach pottery as a journey to self-discovery, a quest for simplicity and a healing process. The hand-building and coiling techniques I use to create my pieces have been used to shape clay into vessels for many thousands of years. The process is very slow, and it takes a long time to finish a piece, but I find it meditative. The quiet hours of building, and silent days in the studio are what I enjoy the most. I usually start building with a specific form in mind and a few quick sketches done in advance. However, the slow construction permits the development of a dialogue that influences the emerging shape. Moved and inspired by the works of the early people, I create pieces that question the idea of function and utility but above all the notion of time and progress. My aim is to create contemporary work with an ancient feel."


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“I seek not to capture anything with a photograph, not the essence and not the spirit. For, by very definition, these things cannot be captured. The essence and spirit of the places and animals that I photograph are, however, inextricable from the images that I create.”

Graham Springer has lived and worked in the wilderness of Northern Botswana since 2001, working mostly as a filmmaker and photographer. Filming and Photographing in this incredible place allows him to combine a strong creative drive with a love of this special African wilderness.“Creative photography has captivated me since I was a young boy. I try not to take ‘standard wildlife’ photographs. I try instead to create interesting and creative images that have artistic photographic credibility, independent of the subject matter. I try also, as much as one ever can, to capture the ineffable spirit of the wilderness in which I live. The result, I hope, is a collection of engaging images that convey my love for this African wilderness and that they inspire.



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