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Collection Noir is a luxury global design house founded in 2020 by London-based interior designer, Samantha Wilson. With a decade of experience in the luxury interior design industry, Samantha decided to infuse her love of natural materials, contemporary design, and elegant interiors into a collection of beautiful homeware that was timeless, captured the spirit of wild landscapes, and provided both function and form.

Inspired by the desire to unite the natural world and luxury through timeless design and ancient craftsmanship, Collection Noir seeks to find the balance between the simplicity of naturally occurring forms and the complexity of raw textures.

Honouring the beauty of the perfectly imperfect, Collection Noir specialises in made-to-order stone furniture hand carved from rare natural stones sourced from the finest quarries around the world and carved by master artisans.

The focus is on creating striking one-of-a-kind pieces that emulate the unique style and soul of our clients and celebrate the art of living.

Recently, Collection Noir launched The Studio, offering a tailored interior design service for both residential, commercial and hospitality projects. The Studio is an interior design service that delivers the highest level of quality whilst maintaining an ethical vision and measured principles. They produce designs that emanate style, soul, and rich culture and inspired by history, geography, and a passion for traditional craftsmanship.

From initial concept to installation, The Studio offers a fully tailored service to each client to ensure functionality is optimized and the end result is timeless. The Studio's approach to interior design is an extension of Collection Noir's dedication to natural materials, contemporary design, and elegant interiors, and their commitment to capturing the spirit of wild landscapes and providing both function and form. The brand's unique collection of homeware is one-of-a-kind, honoring the beauty of the perfectly imperfect and redefining luxury through texture, form, and timeless design.


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