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Zoom Mixed weave New Zealand wool rug handwoven in India
Zoom Mixed weave rug placed in Collection Noir reception room
Zoom Mixed weave New Zealand wool rug handwoven in India
Zoom Mixed weave rug in silver/grey



A union of traditional weaving techniques, the finest New Zealand wool and contemporary design. The mixed weave rug combines three chunky weave styles in a variety of warm neutral hues to reveal the true characteristics of the raw fibres making it luxuriously soft and rich. 

A timeless yet contemporary design that celebrates wool in its most pure state. 

Handwoven to last by highly skilled artisans in India.


Fibre: New Zealand wool

Origin: Handwoven in India

Lead time: 10-12 weeks

To order please contact us via the enquiry form or email Our concierge team will then be on hand to answer any questions directly and provide quotes inclusive of shipping costs and payment methods.

All our rugs are made to order. We offer standard sizes which are shoppable via our website, or we offer custom sizes.

Please contact us to begin your journey of creating the perfect rug for your home.

The Rugs - Due to our rugs being custom-made and handwoven in South Africa and India, shipping times range from 12-16 weeks depending on the size and rug type.

Once an order is processed we will be able to issue a more accurate lead time.





MOHAIR - Choose to use the mohair in its different forms. The Veld collection features natural lox mohair, the Ankara collection features curly mohair and many of the pattern rugs use mohair in a combed, silky form.  Mohair blended with karakul wool creates something truly unique to South Africa. Different weaving styles can also take the textures to different levels. 

KARAKUL - These rugs have excellent weight and substance to them with a chunky, satisfying feel. They are dense, springy and possess a raw, perfectly imperfect texture. 

NEW ZEALAND - The texture of a wool rug depends on the weave style chosen. From flatweave to soft and shaggy, and everything in between - we can help you select the right weave style to achieve your desired texture. 

JUTE - Jute is a strong, durable plant fibre, which softens beautifully with wear. We can also blend jute with wool to create an exquisite, durable texture.


MOHAIR soaks up colour like silk, so the colour options are endless. We can dye mohair and blend it with karakul for a sublime speckled effect, or use it to achieve a bespoke pattern. Alternatively, the natural tones of mohair are beautiful for achieving a feeling of natural, pared back luxury.

KARAKUL fibres are exquisite in their natural tones of white, cream, grey, chocolate or a combination of these in a blend, speckle or fleck. You can also choose to incorporate colour by dying the fibres and weaving them in as a pattern.

NEW ZEALAND - Incorporate colour easily with a New Zealand wool rug. Consult with us to choose your colours from our colour box.  

JUTE - Jute rugs are made using natural fibres. Choose from an array of natural colours ranging from white jute, natural, silver and chalk. Jute can be dyed, but expect some natural colour variation, which adds organic beauty to the piece. 


Every rug is hand woven to order, so you can specify the exact dimensions for your space. We weave on one of the largest looms in Africa, and can produce rugs up to 8 x 5 metres, or bigger. 


Mohair fibres lend themselves beautifully to pattern work through colour use and different weaving styles - riverweave, plait, melia weave and more. Watercolours, colour blocking, boho patterns or nature-inspired patterns are all beautiful using mohair. Browse our pattern gallery or design a custom pattern. 



Our rugs are made using pure karakul wool and mohair,
ethically sourced from sheep and goats that graze freely
under the African and Indian sun. Karakul wool is beautifully textured and
durable, while mohair is a soft, silky, luxe fibre. We blend these
fibres to create truly unique, textured living rugs.



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