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Linen for Interiors

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This week we have decided to explore the forecast for the biggest design trends for 2021.

Especially as the purpose of our homes has changed so drastically this year. Our homes use to be a place for part of our lives, and the rest would be spent at our workplace, commuting and meeting up with friends and family. Now, however, the good old Coronavirus has changed that, and our homes have become a place of work, socialising, exercising and just about anything in between! Therefore, we have all had to adjust the way we live, and the spaces we live in.


So we thought let's look to other experts and high profile designers to see what their predictions and insights are for this year. 

After a LOT on analysis of the past year, we have come up with the following...

 1. Comfort

"Comfort, practicality, and a sense of sanctuary on every level," says Martyn Lawrence Bullard. "Comfort in all forms is becoming paramount," says Timothy Corrigan. "The importance of comfort, wellness, and sustainability will continue to be a priority," says Sheila Bridges

Interior Styling

2. Durability

“With everyone spending more time at home, there is a renewed emphasis on rooms that not only look good but can live up to increased use. Durability will continue to be more important and we will see a rise in using outdoor materials inside the home: there are so many great outdoor fabric options that allow you to make a mess and not worry about the clean-up, without having to sacrifice beauty.” -Timothy Corrigan

Interior Design

3. Biophilic Design

The technical term for design and architecture that focuses on our innate human connection to nature. In other words: bringing the outdoors in!

'Outdoor space is now a key part of any home as we are spending more time outside in our gardens, patios or balconies, which need to perform for year-round use. These areas are extensions of our living space and can provide us with spaces to relax, along with the possibility to remain social. Soft seating, outdoor kitchens and heating solutions will ensure we can use outside space all year round in every season,' says Hayley Robson, co-founder, Day True.

4. Warm, Earthy Paint Tones

With the last few years predominantly focusing on the domination of grey in the neutral interiors pallet, sandy shades are back and we couldn't be happier about this! 

The warmer tones of oatmeal, stonewashed linen, earthy jute, canvas wool, timber and hemp are definitely on the rise and are being referred to as the shades of 'comfortable living'. And considering all the extra time we are now spending indoors, this trend has it's timing perfect!

Interior Texture

5. Natural Materials

 This one doesn't surprise us at all! The demand for natural materials began to peak early last year, and is here to stay! The natural ageing process of these materials as a response to the environment they are in is what we adore! 

We have welcomed the transition away from silk and sheen textured fabrics and are excited to see where this trend is heading next! 

Home Decore

6. Textured Walls

Another big trend that has migrated from 2020 to 2021! The desire to create softness and comfort in a space has seen some even hanging rugs on their walls! (Not judging, we actually dig this!)

From carved timber wall coverings to more subtle looks, the possibilities are endless! For a more seductive textured appearance check out Phillip Jeffries latest collection!

7. Kitchen Pantries

We have never been lucky enough to have the space to incorporate a kitchen pantry in our own home (hoping this will change very soon!), however, if there's one going spare we'll take it! We love the idea of having a designated area with endless shelf space, lined with glass labelled jars filled with all kinds of goodies! Probably just taken that slightly too far, but whatever one can dream.

8. Wellness at Home

Bathroom or spa? We know what we would rather! Apparently, the days of using a bathroom for functional purposes are long gone, and now we are welcoming the home spa. An area to fully relax and de-stress is becoming a priority on many people's list! Adding a steam function to a shower area, or even removing the shower altogether and opting for a large luxurious bath can certainly add a 'spa-like' ambience! (Not sure how we feel about losing the shower, but we would be up for the steam situation!)

Interior Design

9. Crittall Style 

This one is our absolute favourite! Our dream house Pinterest board is a crittall heaven! So hearing we are 'on trend' is music to our ears. The possibilities with crittall are endless and that's what we love the most. Who wouldn't want glass doors, walls or even room dividers! Edgy and versatile yet still sophisticated.

10. Arches

The arch hype is definitely in full swing. The gram is proof that they are having their moment in the spotlight! These beauties may be easier to spot in the hottest new restaurants and hotels, however, fear not, the detail has made its way into homes as a motif instead (not quite the arched doorways but hey, an arch is an arch!). From headboards and furniture to lighting and textiles.

One thing is certain for the year ahead, sustainability is at the forefront of the race. Regardless of everything else, people are continuing their conscience approach to day to day living.


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