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Linen for Interiors

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Linen is one of the oldest woven textiles in the world, dating back over 4000 years. The unique properties of the natural material have made it popular across various industries, including décor. The robust fibres derived from the flax plant grow without the need for fertilizers or pesticides, making it not only renowned as an ethical and renewable resource, but also the second strongest fabric after silk.

The ancient craft of weaving is applied to the complicated process of manufacturing linen, and great skill is required to turn flax into fabric. This is often reflected in the price and why linen is still regarded as one of the most luxurious fabrics today.

The beauty of linen is in the ageing process. The more use linen is exposed to, the more beautiful it becomes. Over time linen forms a unique soft silhouette adding to the charm and organic simplicity. Linen is also naturally speckled with tiny little imperfections dotted throughout the weave, these are called ‘slubs’ and are naturally occurring, they are a mark of authentic, high-quality linen and add to the perfectly relaxed aesthetic that linen is rightfully famous for.

The Timeless Series


Real flax linen will slowly become softer and softer with every wash, which is why its popularity as the fabric of choice for bed linen, curtains, cushions, and various other home décor has maintained the test of time. The exposure to water wears down the natural grooves leaving you with a smooth and luxurious fabric.

The use of linen in and around the home has seen a huge increase in demand which Is primarily due to not only the sustainability factors but because people are now being drawn to the understated and organic aesthetic that linen offers. Creating a sense of zen in one’s home appears to not be a trend but more of a lifestyle choice that is here to stay.

You can incorporate linen into your home without feeling the pressure to fully redesign by simply adding cushions, a tablecloth or perhaps adding a throw to your bed or over the end of a sofa, or the back of a chair if you’re not ready to take the full step of investing in linen sheets. In fact, the draping of a throw over an armchair with a beautiful linen cushion would be a perfect place to begin (check out our collection of statement linen cushions!).


To us, linen is an embodiment of a timeless aesthetic which is why we created the first instalment of the Timeless Series. A collection of 100% natural linen and cotton cushions with a range of delicate fringe details, hand-stitching and contrasting piping and panels.

The focus was always on preserving and enhancing the beauty of natural materials and allowing the organic imperfections and movement within the yarns to be celebrated and showcased. The collection was designed to complement any interior, and infuse a sense of understated luxury and slow living through the delicate fringing and subtle accents. The cushions were designed in a colour palette that was inspired by wild landscapes, the soft beige represents the flax fields and the olive greens and midnight blues were discovered across the plains of Africa. The Timeless Series is an exploration of texture and form through contemporary design bringing a sense of elegance and timeless aesthetic to any space.

The Timeless Series Cushion Collection


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