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If like us, you have noticed the phrase Wabi-sabi floating amongst social media hashtags or perhaps most Pinterest titles for minimalist interior images, you have most likely at one stage or another, questioned its meaning and viability. 

Given the current global situation at the moment, it felt like the right time to explore the principles of this ancient mindset. With a strong focus on embracing life's unpredictability and accepting that life is intended to be a little messy at times we couldn't help but want to explore this further. 

In simple terms, Wabi is said to be defined as "rustic simplicity" or "understated elegance". Whilst Sabi translates to "taking pleasure in the imperfect". Meaning a focus on a less-is-more mentality and finding the pleasure in imperfections.

A Japanese philosophy that favours the organic elements of life. If honoured, it has been known to transform perceptions of the world and guide us through a more meaningful lifestyle. So slightly more than just a beautiful aesthetic! 

When it comes to our homes, we have noticed an increased demand from our clients for natural elements to be incorporated into the design. Whether it be in the form of physical possessions, or simply allowing more space for natural light to flow, the desire to pursue a more meaningful experience and often one that allows a deeper connection to their surroundings is highly-sought after. 

We have observed such a shift is society over recent years, with people becoming more open to embracing flaws and a general open-mindedness to what defines perfection. So, to hear this philosophy is a traditional lifestyle choice that affects not just image but every part of ones living is very reassuring to the times we are currently living in.

So how can you introduce the Wabi-sabi mindset into your life?

Simply put embrace what you have, imperfections and all!

If we have missed anything in this post that you believe is vital to the summery of Wabi-sabi, please do leave a comment as we would love to know more!








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